Sinead O Moore Ceramics

‘Based in Wicklow, having moved home after lived & worked in the UK, London & Kent, for many years. I make individual handmade ceramic bowls, vases, lighting & other interior accessories. Each piece is a unique item perfect for a gift to a loved one or yourself.’

Predominantly I use two different clays – porcelain & white earthenware. These collections focus on simple forms of cylinders, bowls and eggs shapes.

The largest collection I make is the tea light shells. I use either porcelain or white earthenware to form small bowls evoking the fragility of eggshells and the properties of each material achieve a different finish. The white earthenware is a solid material so I use mixes of crystalline glazes to the interior of the shell whilst leaving the exterior raw. The porcelain collection, in turn, is kept very simple by using the beauty of the pure porcelain, and to benefit from its strength and translucent properties.’

We love Sinead’s magical and ethereal porcelain tea light shells…they are truy something very special.

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