Founded in Galway in 2018 by Juan Sotoparra and Kerry Quinn, Sketchico casts a fresh eye on iconic landmarks as well as finding the beauty in the simple moments that can often go overlooked.

They originally designed the pieces for themselves. Wishing to have a personal element in their home’s decoration, they drew much of the inspiration for the pieces from Kerry’s memories of being a teenager, spending her Summers at Blackrock with her friends, jumping off the top of the Diving Tower for hours on end.

After turning those memories into contemporary art pieces, they received a lot of interest from people who saw the works either in person or online. They began to create prints as gifts for friends and family.

While Juan has been running his architecture studio, with Kerry working alongside him as the interior designer, interest in SKETCHICO quietly begun to grow. This led to Kerry, who has a background in working with start-ups, taking the reins of the business side of SKETCHICO, with the hope of making it a household name.

During the creation of a SKETCHICO piece, each print starts out as a photograph and goes through a digital manipulation process, where they modify the colour palette, simplify the image and create a stylised version of the original. It then evolves into a digital painting.

Each print is carefully crafted, using high quality archival ink and art grade paper. As SKETCHICO is a fully grown Irish venture, all materials are sourced through Irish suppliers.

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