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  • Blossom Bea Beige Bunny

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    Blossom Bea Beige Bunny can’t wait to go to the park! This snuffle-sweet chum has the softest truffle fur and ditsy-print floral ears and paws. Bright-eyed and bobtailed, Bea’s ready for a picnic! Anyone bring carrots?

  • Blush Arabesque Bunny

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    Take Arabesque Bunny Blush to dance class or the theatre and you can learn ballet together! Wearing a double tutu in soft blush mesh, this pinky bunny is a lovably lopsy pupil. Dance a duet with this gentle friend.

  • Alphabet Sun & Moon Jigsaw Puzzle

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    Building and playing with this Sun and Moon jigsaw playset is a perfect way for children to learn the alphabet. Lettered from A to Z, each wooden piece corresponds to an animal or object which gives this puzzle great educational value.

    As well as being an alphabet jigsaw puzzle, each of the 26 pieces are chunky enough to stand up on their own and can be played with individually. With a little imagination, the amazing array of pieces can be used to make up a wonderful story.

    This ABC puzzle for toddlers comes packaged in a beautiful Alphabet Jigsaws presentation box and also includes a drawstring cotton bag for storage after play.

    Age: 3+

    Alphabet Jigsaws
  • Elephant Squeakaboo

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    Adorable little first friends – help encourage baby’s first discoveries, with a rattle in the head and crinkle sounds

  • Butterfly Puzzle

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    This colourful butterfly puzzle has 4 layers and 11 pieces in total. Aged 2+, it will help with dexterity and visual acuity – and be a fun puzzle to play with

  • Push Along Sheep

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    This doteysheep push along is beautifully crafted out of sturdy wood, and the bright colours make it great fun and engaging for its young owner! And the wheels make a clacking sound as it rolls along the ground, adding to the fun and enjoyment.

  • Welcome to the World

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    Such a lovely welcome momento for a new addition to a family

    Button Studio Wall Art
  • Number Racing Car – Made From Hand Painted Wood

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    Colourful Number Racing Car Jigsaw

    Alphabet Jigsaws
  • Number Cat Jigsaw – Made From Hand Painted Wood

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    Colourful Cat Number Jigsaw

    Alphabet Jigsaws
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