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  • Alphabet Elephant Row Jigsaw Puzzle

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    This little herd of elephants, hand painted in vibrant colours, is a great introduction to counting for young children.

    The chunky and durable pieces are perfectly sized for little hands to hold and are numbered in a simple sequence from 1 to 10. Each Elly can be separated and played with individually.

    This handcrafted wooden puzzle is designed to encourage colour and number recognition, dexterity and logic.

    This Number Elephant Row jigsaw puzzle comes beautifully packaged in a cardboard presentation box and also includes a  drawstring cotton bag for storage after play.

    Age: 2+

    Alphabet Jigsaws
  • Alphabet Sun & Moon Jigsaw Puzzle

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    Building and playing with this Sun and Moon jigsaw playset is a perfect way for children to learn the alphabet. Lettered from A to Z, each wooden piece corresponds to an animal or object which gives this puzzle great educational value.

    As well as being an alphabet jigsaw puzzle, each of the 26 pieces are chunky enough to stand up on their own and can be played with individually. With a little imagination, the amazing array of pieces can be used to make up a wonderful story.

    This ABC puzzle for toddlers comes packaged in a beautiful Alphabet Jigsaws presentation box and also includes a drawstring cotton bag for storage after play.

    Age: 3+

    Alphabet Jigsaws
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