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  • Bunch of Flowers Tea Light Holder

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    Porcelain Vase of Flowers tealight. Wonderful for the mantlepiece, on the dining table or in the garden. And it makes a great thank you or birthday pressie! Thrown on the potter’s wheel and then pierced so that the light flickers through the tiny holes in the porcelain, this vase of flowers tealight is then high fired to 1260 degrees. This makes the porcelain become translucent when lit from within, giving a soft amber glow and the throwing lines become clearly visible.

    Luna Lighting
  • A Sparkly Bunch

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    This print of an original watercolour illustration by Deborah on matt cardstock. It is then finished by hand with a gold shimmer ink and dip pen. The beautiful ink used glistens when the light hits it, giving a majestic finish to the piece.

    Three Little Birds
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