Bosco – Fun Socks


‘Welcome to Irishsocksciety’s  Birthday Collaboration with the legendary Bosco.

“My name is Bosco. I live in a box. I’m not a boy or a girl I’m just a Bosco.

I was on television for many years, I love stories, songs, my Garden and all the little creatures that live there.

I have a magic door that takes me to Magical places.. mostly the Zoo.”

Bosco is Bosco, not a boy, not a girl, just a Bosco: a cheeky, lovely, funny, slightly-cracked, irrepressible, eternal five-year-old who lives in a box and who loves nothing more than to just be Bosco and meet all the boys and girls.

Bosco loves the new Bosco socks. Official merchandise in collaboration with Thanks Paula and Johnny!’

A totally iconic Irish character Bosco…now immortalised on these fab socks which are just the business! From the team at Irishsockciety, whose motto is Havin’ the craic from Head to Toe’.

80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane and seamless.



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