D Doodle Earrings in Red


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Doodle Statement Earrings in Red

How To Look After Your Shock of Grey Doodle Earrings This wonderful care note has been written by designer and maker Sarah. As she knows intimately what’s in these Doodle earrings, this advice should not be ignored!

I’m special. Please look after me. Keep me away from water, moisturisers and creams at all times. Although I am beautiful to look at, I am terrible in bed. Please take me off before you go to sleep. Even better let me sleep in the box you received me in by your bedside! Brass will tarnish over time (even a short amount of time can cause patina or darkening of the metal) so to keep me looking smart, use a soft cloth and a little brass polisher (Sarah suggests Brasso) for brass and just a dry cloth for wood.


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