Luminosity Collection – Small


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There is nothing like the soft glow that radiates from high fired, translucent porcelain. It can transform the feeling of a room in an instant, giving a magical, ethereal quality. We absolutely love these porcelain tea light holders – their effect is just magical! This photograph shows the three sizes, the smallest one being on the right hand side! This small Luminosity piece comes in a Vivien O’Malley branded gift box.

Viviens Lu’minosity Collection explores the boundaries of porcelain paper clay, with its beautiful texture, and its ability to bend and reform during the firing process. As each piece is made by hand, it is totally unique. The photograph gives you a good idea of what your piece will look like, but there may be differences¬† – the beauty of buying an original piece of art!

Dimensions 70 × 70 × 95 mm


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