Vale Ceramics – Carved Espresso Cup


Function – Meaning – Feeling

Vale van der Merwe is a South African Italian ceramic artist based in the South East of Ireland. As she says herself

‘My ceramics are made with great pleasure for you to enjoy with the people you love. Their design is carefully chosen to be extremely functional and suitable for any style of house, appealing to both genders and able to stand the test of time.

I constantly absorb the beauty of my natural surroundings and while my hands work the clay, thoughts about mankind and our life on earth arise. I infuse my pieces with these thoughts by using symbols and patterns embedded on the clay. These symbols and patterns speak to us at a subconscious level of ancient wisdom. My ceramics bring the essence of the natural world into your home and are made to withstand the ware and tear of everyday use.’

We stock these espresso cups come in three colours, Green, Blue and Grey/Purplethey .  They measure approximately 7cm high x 6 cm wide.


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