Venus Path by Jean Cullinane


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“There are lands of the mind. That is, the mind has its own “civilisations,” its own personal culture and geography, its own history and inclinations. But the mind is connected with the physical brain, and so hidden in its folds there is an archaeological memory. To some extent what you know now is dependent on what will be known, and what has been known, in your terms. The “past” races of humans live to that extent within your Now, as do those who will seemingly come after. So, ideally speaking, the history of your species can be discovered quite clearly within the psyche; and true archaeological events are found not only by uncovering rocks and relics, but by bringing to light, so to speak, the memories that dwell within the psyche.”  (Roberts, The Unknown Reality Vol 2 pg 295)nnComparisons can be drawn between the psychological approach of C.G. Jung and archaeology. He excavated myths, images, beliefs and patterns within the minds of human beings, seeking to understand the structure of the self and find the root of mind. He found that we are each a sub-structure within a far greater structure and though so much of our True Self is hidden from us, we are always connected to the greater and in communication with it. nnnEvery sacred space is made of layers of energy. There is the material manifestation of the structure and also the intentions, invocations and prayers of every individual or collective for whom it was a focus of their attention both in the past or in the present. This creates a multidimensional field of energy which is both tangible and intangible to the perceiver. (Temple Precinct) The environment itself is a fundamental aspect of this field of energy, indeed it was usually the initial inspiration for the location of many sacred sites but it also deserves recognition for its intrinsic sacredness. The planting of yew trees in graveyards and the reverence for wells and springs display a sensitivity to the spirits within nature that deepen our connection with all of the dimensions we exist within. Much of our awareness of the hidden energies has become obscured by the distractions of the modern world. (Energy Landscape) While we go about our daily lives the planets cycle through their orbits exuding subtle energies. (Venus Path) When every individual locates and activates the hidden but always present potential to radiate light energy themselves then the beacons of light will connect in a new matrix of consciousness. (Lanterns)nn nnComing to TipperarynnAfter eleven years living in London where I did my MA at the Royal College of Art, I moved to Tipperary in 2001. Having family and good friends here, (who were also artists, Austin McQuinn and Patricia Looby) I found it a wonderful place to create and study what interested me. The rich heritage of Tipperary is inspiring. I remember attending Dawn Mass on an Easter Sunday, before the ruins of Derrynaflan Abbey and watching the sun rise over the landscape; visiting Cormac’s Chapel in the Rock of Cashel; visiting the beautiful Hore Abbey and the magical St. Berrihert’s Kyle near Bansha, in the Glen of Aherlow.  Somehow room is made for the past to have a present which allows us to see it anew.nn nnVenus Path: Giclee Print Of an Original, Indigo Ink on Watercolour Paper 29.7am x 42cm


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