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  • Dinner Candles

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    Who doesn’t love the light from a tall candle on the dinner table? We have a good selection of colours for you to choose from – happy dining!

    Candles & Diffusers
  • SPUN Flower Vase

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    Handcrafted Irish flower vase, perfect for those small wild flowers growing in the gardens and hedges of Ireland. Made from solid hardwoods complete with a clear glass receptacle, the SPUN flower vase is available in six finishes to suit all tastes and interiors. From natural oak and neutral tones for minimalists to bold orange for colour enthusiasts, there’s a style for every modern home.

    Dimensions: 140 x 30 x 30mm

  • Gloves With 2 Buttons

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    A fun, colourful selection of gloves …all these ones have 2 buttons.

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