Button Studio Wall Art

Jane Walsh is the creator and artist behind the colourful workshop that is Button Studio.

To quote Jane:-

‘I have always been inspired by colour and the effect that it can have on our state of mind. Button Studio was created out of this curiosity and my love to take everyday objects and turn them into pieces of art to preserve and enhance them. To me, everyday objects are anything that have found their way into a person’s heart.

I love buttons for their colour, their range of sizes and shapes, and how they are connected to us in all sorts of ways. Buttons can hold lots of different meanings – from the castaway buttons in a family’s old tin, to buttons on newborn’s baby-grow or on your favourite jumper. Buttons are a little piece of our life story that might otherwise be lost… until I catch them and place them somewhere where they can be treasured forever.’

Here in The Narrow Space, we love what Jane does with her buttons and we hope that you do to!

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