Doirin Saurus Ceramics

Doirin has a studio in Fethard Co. Tipperary. She has a varied ceramics career which has included public art commissions, residencies, running workshops and teaching in the local schools but mostly she works away quietly on my own.
As she says herself ‘I have always loved working with colour and the recent availability of a great range of underglaze colours has given the ceramic world a new and exciting direction all under the benevolent shadow of the great John ffrench.
There is something about the combination of the challenging construction of a teapot and the painting of the 4 or 5 sided surfaces that keeps me exploring and experimenting. Medieval portraits, haiku, Peig Sayers with Leonard Cohen, Michael D with his ‘Let us abandon false paradigms’, Dervla Murphy’s ‘I don’t do apprehension’ have all found their way onto the teapots. Mostly, however, they are a means of using colour combinations and designs from everything that surrounds me.’ Doirin also makes a wonderful array of large and small cups, adorned with fabulous faces accessorised by a fantastic selection of earrings, hats, slides, bows and such like!

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