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Handmade model hot air balloons by Authentic Models. Fun and whimsical interior decor…bright and unusual, these model hot air balloons are available in selection of different sizes and vibrant colours. Group different sized balloons together for a spectacular display in children’s bedrooms, use them to theme a birthday party or even a quirky wedding! Authentic Models hot air balloons encompass a vintage aesthetic, giving every individual balloon a unique story. Applied by hand, the coloured strips characterise each balloon and are adorned with a miniature woven basket and wooden toggles that resemble the appearance of a classic air balloon. The larger hot air balloon models even feature replica sandbags so that they can soar higher and higher into the air!

Imagine yourself floating gently through the skies whilst clutching onto the wicker basket, a light breeze against your face as you look down on the beauty of the world below… now doesn’t that sound tempting? Our model hot air balloons can be used to spark the imagination and as whimsical decor in any room of the home, captivating adults and children alike!

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