Beyond Adam or Eve - New Works by Laura Dunne

Beyond Adam or Eve is a solo exhibition from American born but Tipperary based artist Laura Dunne. It looks at the process of actualizing our identity and the factors that influence us along the way. 

‘I am a contemporary visual artist painting in oils and acrylics. Originally from near Philadelphia, I now work out of my studio in Loughmore, Tipperary, where inspiration is drawn from the wild, emotive Irish landscape.
Art is not only what I do, but who I am. It is an integral part of my identity and so when it was disregarded for years there was an internal disconnect. After my Foundation year at Art School in Philadelphia my world pivoted with 9/11 and my father being diagnosed with a terminal illness. I broke from the art world, needing more stability and an escape from the urban environment.
After my father’s passing, I moved to Ireland. With a few years of growth and self-discovery, I met my husband who allowed me to find my inner peace and joy again. He saw the artist I had neglected for years and encouraged my path back to the art world. After 10 years I was now in a place of healing where I could return and face the artist inside. My art reflects the beauty and emotion of the landscape and the people that brought me back to life. This show is dedicated to my husband and his unwavering support.
The landscapes are my personal journey of identity. Landscapes that saved me and yet create a separation between parts of me left in America.
The apples speak more of a societal view on identity. How we project ourselves to the world may not align with how we identify (as individuals not restrictive to gender).
The intent for the take away of this show, is to raise awareness, stimulate a reflective emotional response and change our view on expectations of identity – gender or personal. While we may identify as different, we are all going through the process of life and finding our own identity.’ Laura Dunne, September 2023


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