Anita Reynolds

Anita Reynolds is a Meath-based artist who works with ceramics to create unique pieces for the garden. From her studio nestled in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Anita draws inspiration from the natural world around her.

​Combining her deep love of nature and unique artistic style, Anita’s work explores the beauty of the meadows, bogs, and woodlands of the Irish countryside. Her one-of-a-kind ceramic  exhibit the vivid colours and textures found in nature, with a particular emphasis on native Irish species.

Nature is at the heart of what Anita does. That’s why she is always looking for new ways to offset carbon emissions and give back to the natural environment that brings her so much inspiration. Her efforts to be more sustainable include sourcing environmentally friendly packaging materials, switching to renewable energy sources, and planting native Irish trees. By supporting her art, you are also supporting her mission to give back to the environment and become more sustainable.

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