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  • Alphabet Solar System Jigsaw – Made from Hand Painted Wood

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    Space, the final frontier… This wonderful wooden jigsaw puzzle will help your child learn about the Solar system and the amazing planets within it. Complete with some astronauts, a rocket and even a UFO, this kids jigsaw puzzle is both fun and educational!

    The Alphabet Jigsaws Solar System jigsaw puzzle provides a brilliant way for children to see the earth from space and to contemplate our place in the universe. Expect some difficult questions!

    Hand painted in vibrant colours, the chunky and durable pieces of this wooden jigsaw puzzle fit together beautifully and are nicely sized for little hands to build.

    It comes beautifully packaged in an Alphabet Jigsaws presentation box and has  a drawstring cotton bag for storage after play.

    Age: 4+

    Alphabet Jigsaws
  • Alphabet Butterfly – Made From Hand Painted Wood

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    A Colourful Butterfly Alphabet Jigsaw

    Alphabet Jigsaws
  • Alphabet Creepy Crawlies Jigsaw – Made from Hand Painted Wood

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    This Alphabet Jigsaws creepy crawlies jigsaw puzzle will provide a wonderful way for children to learn about the insect world and the mini beasts to be found in all of our gardens.

    This intricate insect jigsaw puzzle is composed of a fine array of fascinating creatures, including a dragonfly, bumble bee, spider, grasshopper, earthworm, ladybird, caterpillar, butterfly and snail. 

    Hand painted in bright colours, the chunky and durable wooden pieces of this jigsaw puzzle are well sized for little hands to put together and each insect and creature can be played with individually.

    This handcrafted wooden jigsaw will encourage dexterity and logic and conversation about the natural world. The Creepy Crawlies wooden puzzle comes beautifully packaged in a cardboard Alphabet Jigsaws presentation box and a drawstring cotton bag is provided for storage after play.

    Alphabet Jigsaws
  • Alphabet Fire Engine – Made From Hand Painted Wood

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    Colourful Fire Engine Alphabet Jigaw

    Alphabet Jigsaws
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