CH – Acrylic on Canvas – by John Duigenan – ART ENRICHES LIFE?


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“I feel a connection to the tradition of representational picture-making, but it is colour relativity, shape, and compressed space that excites me. I spend more time looking than painting and am slow to decide what I am reacting to. I consider this observational relationship to be as important as the finished work. The doubt I have about the Paintings is as relative to the resolution of individual pieces.”

After getting sitters to the house, I started a series of individual portraits and figures. I would often start a painting with the canvas facing the model and my back to them; this way, I can get on with the painting process, referring to the subject occasionally. My main concern is capturing a universal humanity rather than the person’s likeness.

I am a full-time Irish artist living in the West of Ireland, working from home. Working mainly in Acrylic, watercolour and drawing mediums.


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