Evanescent Shoreline b by Carol Kennedy


Carol Kennedy is a printmaker from Nenagh County Tipperary. Carol is a graduadeof LSAD, and the Creative Europe Wom@arts Training Program, a member of Limerick Printmakers, the Mna na nEalain Collective and coordinator of Switch Video Art Project. She is a recipent of  Tipperary County Council Arts grants and the Tyrone Gutherie Rescidency Bursary.nnCarols work have been exhibited nationally and internationally and her work has been purchased for public and private collections.nn nn‘I have a strong affinity to bodies of water, be it lakes natural or manmade, rivers, or the sea. As  someone whose life has involved swiming, snorkling  and scuba diving as well as volunteering in rescue and recovery on Lough Derg, I am very aware of the hidden histories such waters hold. Stories of lost lives accidental or despairingly, evidence of past times in its geology and wrecks of sunken boats. Each body of water holds millenia of hidden history. The ebb and flow of the tide constantly contribute to unearthing some of those histories .nnYet for me being at or in water brings such joy and hope and calms my soul..nnEvanescent Shoreline B 58cm x 45cm framednnMedium: Mixed media collograph on Fabriano.


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