SOLD Summer Cherries – Watercolour on Paper- by Mary Dillon

Summer Cherries is SOLD

Easy and slow…..!
The art of botanical painting.

What is it about flowers and plants that stir us, that make us stop in our tracks to take a second look? Do they evoke a memory? Is it their colour, light or form? Is it the simplicity or complexity of their structure?

The process of making botanical art requires patience and forbearance, personal skills that are particularly challenging given the distractions of our fast and furious world. Finding a still space is a basic requirement. Botanical art challenges us to capture in a painting the essence of a plant, its beauty, frailty, strength and intimacy and to do so in a truthful way.

This art form is enjoying a revival in recent times with contemporary artists pushing the boundaries of botanical art in new and exciting ways.

‘ I delight in the process of creating botanical art.

As an artist I am drawn to capturing the essence of a plant with its sensuality, beauty and frailty in a contemporary yet scientifically truthful way.

I like to encourage the viewer to look again and share my wonder at the complex magical world of plants.’  Mary Dillon


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