The Box – Oil on Canvas by Laura Dunne – Beyond Adam or Eve


‘The most exciting part of finding out who we are is discovering our own uniqueness, who we are outside the box, beyond the categories in a Psychology 101 textbook.  In our inimitable singularity, there is an                 infinite range of possibility that cannot be tied to any one description of what it means to be human or healthy.’                                                                                                                                                                                     –    David Richo, Interview The Urban Muse

This piece shows the inner struggle that is hidden by each of us daily. From birth we are put in a certain ‘box’ and expected to look and act accordingly. These come in many forms – race, financial status, gender, sexual orientation, family roles etc. The apple figure in the foreground is scraped and layered as to see the cracks and imperfections that are hidden beneath the surface as a result of these pressures and expectations.

Measures 470mm x 470mm including frame.




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