Thomas Wollen Raku Wall Tile 2


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Thomas Wollen has been making ceramic art from his renovated ‘cow shed’ studio in the Slieve Felim hills of eastern Limerick near Doon, since 1998.

With no formal art and design training Thomas has developed his own distinctive style of carving and decorating the surface of the clay. Together with his fascination and expertise in the Raku firing process, unique and individual pieces of work are created for both the art and craft market.

Thomas is inspired by many cultures and much of his work has an ethnic feel .His Heron whether reaching up or bending to feed, are just some of the images he paints on the ceramic wall pieces

‘My work has progressed towards the collector and gallery ceramic art market where ideas are explored and then developed into a series of work. The inspirations for my recent work have been based on contemporary political events as well as my personal experiences. However, the local environment and my childhood experiences living in Africa will always influence the work that I produce. My aspirations are generally simple ones – to produce beautiful work that stimulates debate as well as gives enjoyment.’


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